Nintendo Wii BBC iPlayer

iplayer-logo-nintendo-wiiThe Nintendo Wii is the console that was supposed to bring video games to those people that didn’t play video games. And to be fair to Nintendo it did, it’s sold more units that both its competitors put together. But for a lot of people once the novelty of prancing around on a Wii Fit balance board wore off, its been sitting on the shelf gathering dust.

This is a shame as there are a shed load of good games on the machine, admittedly perhaps only really accessible to those who already play games. Help is however at hand because Nintendo has an unlikely knight in shining armour that has breathed a breath of fresh life into its little white marvel.

Enter on a charging stallion the BBC with their rather fab (in theory) iPlayer. For those who don’t know what the iPlayer is, it allows the “missable to become unmissable”. It’s basically an internet based service that allows you to watch programmes you’ve missed, and in the case of some stuff (like the comedy classic Porridge), watch old telly you love. Wonderful, swooning maidens, excited peasants, cheering in the street etcetera etcetera. Yes, you can download it onto your iPhone or mobile phone for watching on the train but the real problem with the iPlayer has always been trying to watch it on your telly at home, that’s why up until now its been fab in theory rather than just fab.

Unless you’re particularly tech savvy, armed with a lot of cables, a very modern telly and a laptop, watching anything on your telly from the comfort of your sofa has been pretty difficult. Yes, you can watch Eastenders (or in our case Gigglebiz) on your computer or laptop but it’s not really the same.

The iPlayer on Wii solves this in one foul swoop. The Wii connects wirelessly to the internet (providing you have a wireless network and an internet connection of course), you navigate to the shop channel, select the iPlayer (it’s free), install it and away you go. And it really is as easy as that, theres no faffing around, no complicated clicking, just select the shop button, its there right in front of you and away you go.

It’s only been out since the 18 November but has already revolutionised the way we watch television in our house. It’s also made the Nintendo Wii one of the best purchases I think we’ve ever made. For me its the BBC iPlayer machine with the added ability to play some great games.