Tomy Battle Deck Mega Raceway

Car racing tracks can be expensive, especially where remote controlled cars are involved, and forgive me for saying I don’t quite trust the boy with all those expensive parts. No doubt both him and the husband would love playing with them, but I’d rather have something a little more likely to stand the test of time.

That’s where Tomy’s Battle Deck system comes into play. We got the boy the Battle Deck Mega Raceway for Christmas as it seemed like a great starter kit and he has not been disappointed.

The track is made from various coloured pieces of plastic and clicks together easily. For building tracks that cross above others, the system of supports is easy to assemble and just require placing in the appropriate position. The best bit of all is the cars though. Each car is built of three parts which are interchangeable to create different cars. The set comes with two exclusive cars; Lightening Tiger and Ninja Shark and more are available to purchase separately. Instead of using a remote control, the cars are operated by a pull back mechanism which, with a little practice, allows them to go surprisingly far. The cars are equipped with lane changing wings which can be used to allow your car to deflect off of the side walls of the track, swerve past oncoming cars or catch passing cars forcing them from the track.

I really like the ease of the system which has allowed the boy to play with both myself and the husband just as easily as on his own. The boy likes it because ‘you get to make the track go up’ and the cars are ‘so cool’. He also loves that when racing the cars ‘daddy falls off the track’. Yes, you can see who likes to win with this game. Because the cars don’t need remote controls and connectors for the track to operate, they can also be used off the track and as they’re designed to crash when racing, they seem pretty indestructible. The boy’s had plenty of fun racing his cars from the edge of the step down into the kitchen and watching them crash land! Also there’s no need to worry about batteries running out and remembering to turn the system off.

Being the mother though, I have discovered a few downsides. Whilst the track is incredibly easy to put together, this also means it comes apart quite easily during both construction and racing, although this seems to bother me more than it does the boy. It’s a similar problem with the supports that lift the track as they merely sit below it and don’t actually connect to the relevant piece meaning they’re prone to falling apart. Our first test was on carpet and it has to be said, the track was pretty bad at staying in one piece. We’ve had much more success bringing it downstairs on to the hard, flat surfaces since.

The Mega Raceway retails at £29.99 although many places seem to have it in their sales at the moment. The smaller Super Raceway kit retails at £19.99 and comes with two exclusive cars; Mach Phoenix & Dragon Earth Tiger. Further cars can be purchased at £4.99 each however additional track pieces are not available to purchase separately.