TB likes superheroes. The Marvel ones are firm favourites as are Power Rangers. Superheroes are cool, they’re something to aspire to. TB has the Spiderman costume and the Ben10 one. If we gave him the chance he’d get every superhero costume he possible could. So when I told him he could star in his very own superhero book called ‘SuperKid‘ he was rather excited.

Bookadoo is a fab site where you can create a personalised book for your child allowing them to take on the leading role both in the text and images. Bookadoo were kind enough to let us trial their site and TB receive his very own book. The process is simple; you choose from a range of books, upload your child’s photo, personalise the book with their name and a dedication and wait for it to turn up on your doorstep.

We all know what little posers kids can be and when TB received his Bookadoo book he couldn’t contain his excitement at seeing himself in print. I had to explain to him how the book was made and showed him the photo that was used to make his book. There’s a list of photo tips on the Bookadoo site and although it took us a few attempts to get a picture we were perfectly happy with it was worth the effort. I was happy uploading the photo because I knew if there were any problems with inserting it into our choice of book, Bookadoo would contact me. The process of personalisation and dedication is simple and it barely took ten minutes to get our order finalised.

10 days later (and not the 11 working days they suggest it will take) TB’s Bookadoo book arrived. I had to restrain myself and not opening it before he got home from school. I was really curious to see how it had turned out. TB loved it! In his own words: “This is really really cool!” The insertion of TB’s picture on to each page was seamless and as it had been rotated to fit perfectly into each different scene it seemed as though we’d sent through more than one picture to be used. As a parent, what I liked best was that the story was at a level that would be a challenge for TB to read to himself, but one that he could achieve. In fact, in quiet moments over the past day, when I’ve wondered what trouble he could possibly be causing, I’ve found TB sitting reading his book to himself. He loves it!

Bookadoo has a great selection of books to suit different children. From the best friends starring in Dreamland to a personalised potty training book there’s something to suit every child. Bookadoo books are available in paperback or hardback formats, priced at £17.95 and £24.95 respectively and you can order 40 complimentary children’s business cards! TB’s show him as superkid and have his name and email address on but you can add as much or little detail as you like.

But don’t just trust me on the matter, try Bookadoo out for yourself. Bookadoo are offering readers 50% off the price of all of their purchases until the end of May. Simply enter the code MUMMYBOOKADOO at the checkout to claim your discount and get your child their very own personalised Bookadoo.