5Alive and the Dancing Dodo

Do you remember when the Iron Lady lived at Downing Street, Buck’s Fizz won the Eurovision with ‘Making Your Mind Up’ and Diana and Charles tied the knot? How about Rick before Rickrrolling, original Thomas the Tank Engine or Pigeon Street? Do you remember the contents of your kitchen cupboard or perhaps sitting in a supermarket trolley with your mum doing the shopping each week?

A lot’s changed since the 1980s but some things are still the same. Like 5Alive. That refreshing taste is still there but a new flavour has joined the crew.

To coincide with the launch of 5Alive apple a new ad burst onto our TV screens that features a dancing dodo brought back to life by 5 Alive. Set to Don Fardon’s toe-tapping northern soul classic, I’m Alive’ it’s sure to liven up the nation. Check out dancingdodo.com for lots of fun ways to interact with the Dodo.

The Glowstars and Little Garden Helpers families were sent a carton of the new 5Alive apple to review.

Now Glowstars is not a big fan of apple juice but the scent drew her in. It smelt like so much more than bog standard supermarket apple juice and she was right; 5 Alive apple contains apple (obviously), grape, pear kiwi and lemon. It was the pear that she really smelt. TB decided 5Alive Apple tasted ‘complicated’ but when pressed he said it was a good thing. He reckoned it was much better than regular apple juice. Neither Urbanvox nor Glowstars would let the other finish the carton and seeing as neither of them are apple juice drinkers that’s got to be a good thing.

The Little Garden Helpers family were a bit mixed with their opinions. Garden Boy enjoyed it and drank it quickly and eagerly, Garden Girl said she didn’t like the colour but loved the smell and the taste and finished it off pretty quickly. Jenni was a bit disappointed as it seemed to lack flavour – it tasted like very weak, watered down apple juice. Having said that, she thought she would probably enjoy it on a hot summer day when they are out and about as she thought the thin consistency was much more thirst quenching than most apple drinks. Garden Dad who is a massive fan of 5Alive was also disappointed. He thought it just tasted like pear juice and didn’t have enough flavour.

5Alive apple contains 35% fruit juice from concentrates and no added artificial flavours, colours or preservatives. The only downside are that a 250 ml serving contains 17% of an adult’s guideline daily amount of sugar and the juice does contain aspartame and acesulfame K.

The new 5Alive apple is available at select supermarkets with an RRP of 99p per 1 litre.