Visible Effects?

I have housework hands. The constant handwashing after every nappy change, before letting Mr A chew on my fingers (yes, I know, strange child), the mountains of washing up. They all take their toll. In fact, housework hands might not even be the way to describe it. The hands of a scullery maid would be more appropriate.  I bet I’m not the only mama who feels this way.

Dove sent me some of their Visible Effects range to try out.

The dermatologically tested Visible Effects range claims the use of a breakthrough formula, the Multi-Layer Complex which is said to combine powerful moisturising ingredients which will visibly improve the condition of the skin.

I loved the hand cream. It was light and not sticky and sank well into my skin. It also managed to soften my hands really well and once I’d used it frequently over a few days I found I only needed to use it once a day or so to maintain that feeling. Definitely a thumbs up.

The Visible Effects body lotion worked equally well but unlike the hand cream, I found it only sank into my skin to a certain point, beyond which it rested on top leaving it feeling slightly sticky, almost like a less greasy version of sunscreen. That said, I found that I only needed to use it every few days to keep my skin soft. When I stopped to think about this, I realised it was probably a good thing. Some days I don’t even have time to shower let alone apply body lotion!

Dove also sent the husband some of their Men + Care range to test; top performing products which don’t compromise on skin comfort.

The husband was a little dubious of the deodorant they sent, not being a roll-on or stick deodorant type. He was pleasantly surprised at how well it worked though. I had a good sniff and I can definitely say it worked very well! He tried the Daily Purifying Body and Face Was too and it seemed to me that the exfoliating grains were doing their job; his skin was softer.

But don’t just believe me. Here’s what he had to say:

“It works! Well, my normal deodorant, if I had put it on in the beginning of the day right after I’d had my shower and went to work taking the train and headed to Bedford to work and had spent the night working like I did under loads of stress and in that office that was heating hot like crazy on the next day at the end of the day I would be smelly smelly smelly! But as I smelled my armpit to see if I was being smelly [he flashed it at me too!] I noticed that I was still smelling good.

“And with the soap thingy [yes, that’s the technical term], haven’t you noticed how I’m not so oily since I’ve started using it?”

I promise you, I typed that as he said it.  Thumbs up from a hard working daddy too.