Boppy; A Nursing Pillow and Baby Nest

This week has been breastfeeding awareness week and to celebrate Chicco were kind enough to send me their new product, the Boppy nursing and feeding pillow, to try out and review. Their timing could not have been better. Two weeks after the arrival of Garden Lass I caught pneumonia and was faced with a short hospital stay followed by a course of antibiotics, during which I was unable to breastfeed. I continued to express in order to keep my milk flowing but I was aware that it could be difficult to revert back to breastfeeding, not least because I was so tired and I still had pain in my chest, which was particularly bad when I was holding Garden Lass in the feeding position. The Boppy pillow helped a lot with this. Because it supported Garden Lass so well in the correct feeding position I was able to relax my back and shoulders much more which reduced the pain during feeding. Even without the pneumonia I could often feel tension in my back during feeds and this pillow certainly reduces this strain, although it took a while to adjust to sitting with it as when I first used it I found it a little uncomfortable where the pillow curves a little around the back.

The big selling point of this pillow, and the reason why it was probably voted the number one baby product in America for seven years running, is its versatility. As well as a nursing pillow it is designed to act as a nest in which your baby can rest comfortably after a feed and I have been very impressed with the pillow in this incarnation. Garden Lass seems to like being positioned in the Boppy, rather than flat on her back after a feed, as it seems to reduce the discomfort of wind. I have also been using the pillow to help reduce the strain on my back in the evenings when she is at her grumpiest and requires a little bit of walking around the room to soothe what is probably mild colic. I put the Boppy around my waist and hold her facing outwards around the tummy, with her bottom sitting on the pillow and her back and head supported on my chest. The pillow takes a lot of her weight, reducing the strain on me while I walk in circles and she has a good view of the room which she seems to enjoy.

And it doesn’t stop there; according to the literature, at around six months, you will be able to use the Boppy to help encourage your baby to crawl by placing her in the Boppy on her tummy and then again at nine months, as a support for your child as she learns to sit on her own. And if that isn’t enough my older toddlers love to lounge back in it and read a book or use it as the drivers seat on a train! It has years of use ahead.

The versatility of the Boppy cannot be questioned and I’m pleased to be able to say that it does not lose points for practicality either, with its removable, machine washable cover that can even be tumble dried. The catch is perhaps in the price, as it retails at £49.99 but as a practical, versatile and usefel baby product it ticks all the boxes so perhaps it is worth paying out for.

Newly launched in the UK, the Boppy is available to buy at Mothercare.