Duplo Family House

Father Christmas brought the Duplo Family House for 2 ½ year old Blue-eyed Boy last Christmas. He had repeatedly shown so much interest in the dolls houses in John Lewis, spending many minutes rearranging the furniture and acting out make-believe scenarios with the dolls. So, after much discussion, hubby was finally persuaded to let the boy have a toy house (as long as it involved planning and construction first).

This turned out to be one of the best toys in Blue-eyed Boy’s vast collection and has given many, many hours of imaginative as well as constructive play. Mummy and Daddy have both enjoyed joining in with these activities- I love the attention to detail (as well as the obvious, the set includes a toilet, a pram and baby, beds and blankets…everything including the kitchen sink).

Duplo is obviously an established and popular brand, and Blue-eyed Boy enjoys playing with the whole range, but I would say that this particular product is well worth the money. It can be adapted in so many ways, particularly when combined with a simple set of Duplo bricks. On a practical note, my only slight issue with this toy is that the size of the roof sections make them tricky to store.