Theraline Baby Pillow

Little Mister has a bald patch. Luckily I don’t think it’s a case of the hereditary premature baldness that hits my family but his wriggling. You see when he’s tired he rubs his head and face. It aggravates his eczema when he rubs with his hands but he also rubs the back of his head on the surface he’s lying on, thus the bald patch.

I was hoping that he’d stop doing it as he got older and that as his hair grew the bald patch would disappear but neither seemed to be happening. When Theraline offered to send me their new Baby Pillow I thought it would be worth a try.

The Theraline Baby Pillow is a comfortable and safe way to protect your baby’s head and preserve its natural shape. Babies’ heads are prone to developing deformities in the first few months of life as the bones of the skull are so soft and the long periods spent lying down often flatten the skull. You might find that as a baby, your parents placed you to sleep on your front often, and in terms of babies’ skulls this might be a more preferable sleeping position. However it’s widely recommended that babies sleep on their backs to avoid the risks of cot death.

The Theraline Baby Pillow’s anatomically shaped and perforated high-tech fabric supports your baby’s head evenly and effectively. The pillow is made of a special arrangement of three different types of breathable fabric and maintains an even temperature around your baby’s head. The high-tech fabric used is so open that, even when your baby begins to turn and the head comes to rest in the pillow‘s hollow, he or she can still breathe easily through. I was dubious at first, especially given how heavy Little Mister’s head seems to be, but the fabric does actually hold up to weight resting upon it and is breathable even when weighed upon.

I gave the pillow six weeks and started to notice a visible reduction in Mr A’s bald patch. The hair started to feel softer and it was definitely growing back. I wanted to give the pillow a few more weeks to really see its effect but things didn’t go entirely according to plan. Little Mister started moving a lot at night and would frequently end up with his head away from the pillow. We’re still using it but the Baby Pillow often ends up across the cot. If only we’d started using it earlier!

When used from birth the Theraline Baby Pillow could prevent any head deformities from occurring; when used when deformities have already occurred the Baby Pillow helps to accelerate their correction . The Baby Pillow is washable at 60° and suitable from birth to 12 months. You can purchase the Theraline Baby Pillow from the Theraline shop priced £19.90.