Kerwhizz Magazine from CBeebies – Review

We were sent 2 copies of the new Kerwhizz Magazine from CBeebies to review.  I have bought the standard Cbeebies Magazine for Maxi in the past, but stopped as he is getting too old for it and Mini has never really been in to magazines, so I had an idea of what format the magazine would be.
The Magazine is monthly and prices £1.99 and comes with  stickers to collect and a free gift in every issue.  I actually think this is pretty reasonable, must better than the cost of a weekly Cbeebies Magazine.
The boys are also avid Kerwhizz watchers (KerwizzKids) on Cbeebies and we actually have 4 episodes on Sky+, as they love the format of the show.

The Magazine has been designed to give kids confidence at school with quizzes and puzzles based on the National Curriculum.

I have to say that the magazine appealed to both the boys, but it was far too easy for Maxi  (5, but he is a bit of a whizz).  It held his attention for all of 30 minutes and then it was all done and completed too, with every question right!
Mini (4), however, got much more out of it.  I loved the fact that the stickers meant that he didn’t have to write (he hates even attempting to at the moment).  We spent a couple of evenings sitting together with the magazine after bath time and really enjoyed the time and the questions.
If you have seen the show then the format will be familiar to you and the magazine has all the same characters in, like King Pong and Cat Cool.  There is a good mixture of questions and activities, including colouring, mazes and a story, which meant that Mini didn’t get board.  In fact he has kept coming back to it and reading it on his own.
I will be buying this for Mini again.
There is also a game you can play here, with  10,000 copies and 5 annual subscriptions  of the magazine to win.