Mr Colour Maker by Tomy

Garden Boy is potty training at the moment so when Tomy sent us their new toy, ‘Mr Colour Maker’, it couldn’t have been at a more opportune moment.  He loves it, so it has been a fabulous distraction to keep him on the potty. Left alone with the toy, he tips all the paint pots into the bucket, waits to hear it say ‘I’m all a muddle’ , then delights in tipping all the paint out. With some guidance he will listen to the instructions and mix the colours. If he were writing this review I am sure he would say it was a really good toy and tell all his friends to buy it.

Unfortunately though I am not quite as impressed. The lid keeps falling off, especially when Garden Boy tips it upside down to tip the paint out. This toy is meant to be tipped upside down so the fact that the lid falls off every time he does this, is a massive design flaw. In addition to this, the lid is the means by which the play mode is changed so one minute he is mixing colours when the lid accidently falls closed or falls off completely and suddenly he is still trying to mix colours while the paint pot is singing the rainbow song. Tomy have also classified this toy as an age 2+ toy, however I think that Garden Boy at age 2 years 2 months doesn’t have much more to learn from the toy. He already knows his colours so all he is currently learning is what colours are created when two are mixed. It would have a longer learning life in an 18 month + toy box.

It seems a real shame that Tomy have let themselves down on quality with this toy because it is a great concept and a lovely unique toy for a young child just starting to learn their colours. Garden Boy clearly finds it engaging and were it not for the flimsy lid I would have recommended this one. With a recommended retail price of £24.99 however, I just don’t think it is value for money.