Tinkerbell: The Great Fairy Rescue

On Sunday Garden Girl and I were absolutely thrilled to have the opportuity to attend the premiere screening of Tinkerbell; The Great Fairy Rescue. For days beforehand Garden Girl had been telling everyone she met that she was going to meet the real Tinkerbell. She asked every morning if it was Sunday yet and had her green fairy costume ready for the occassion. The excitement of waiting to go was matched only by actually being there. Meeting Tinkerbell was, in her own words, the best thing she has ever done. She told Tinkerbell she looked beautiful and gave her a kiss and cuddle and now believes herself to be firm friends with the fairy that gripped her imagination from the moment she saw the first Tinkerbell film at home.

Garden Girl is a true believer in fairies and as such she easily identified with the character Lizzy in the new film, whose own belief in fairies leads her to capture and ultimately befriend Tinkerbell. Unaware that Tinkerbell is in safe hands with Lizzy, Tinks friends set out in stormy weather to rescue her, facing danger on their way. There were points in the film that Garden Girl, age 3 (almost 4) found quite scary. She clutched my hand and halfway through the film, when it looked like Vidia might not escape being crushed under a car wheel, Garden Girl moved to my knee for extra security. The whole film contains more peril than the previous two put together but the storyline for me was also much better and I loved it all; as did Garden Girl, despite the edge of seat fear. Knowing that it all turns out all right in the end, she is eager to watch it all over again when the DVD comes out and we will be first in the queue to buy it when it does.

The opening sequence is particularly lovely with all Tink’s friends flying across the screen in the beautiful summer skies and, along with the tea party at the end, was Garden Girl’s favourite bit. This is a must see movie for all true fairy believers, old and young and just like Garden Girl I am itching to see it again.