Heinz Salad Cream – A New Flavour

In all its 96 years Heinz have never developed a varient of their Salad Cream; until now! Now I am a big fan of Heinz Salad Cream. It is one of my essential, must always have in the fridge, food stuffs. I have it with almost everything in my sandwiches and I drizzle it over salads. But my greatest salad cream pleasure is to take a hard boiled and dip it into a big blob of delicious salad cream.  I know absolutely why Heinz haven’t developed a new salad cream flavour in almost a hundred years; it is perfect as it is.

So when I discovered that Heinz were launching a limited edition ‘Lemon and Black Pepper’ Salad Cream I was excited to try it but a little dubious as to whether I would like it. The phrase, ‘Don’t fix what isn’t broken’ rang in my head. But in all honesty I can say I loved it. It will be standing beside the original salad cream in the door of my fridge until the limited supplies run out. We have to keep the original as the kids love it but didn’t like the pepper in the new one. For me though the new flavour has a little kick to it that livens up my sandwiches. It is also great drizzled over fish and as a tasty dip with breaded chicken and potato wedges (Thank you Heinz for that delicious recipe!).

Heinz Salad Cream Lemon and Black Pepper will be available in all major supermarkets for a limited time only, from September 2010. I urge you to try it. You will not be disappointed.