Smarties Pop Up Ice Cream and Calippo Shots

When we are out and about and decide to treat our Little Garden Helpers to an ice cream or ice lolly we always face ice cream or sticky juice running down their front, so we decided to try out the Smarties Pop Up Ice Cream and Calippo Shots because we thought they would be relatively mess free. How wrong we were.

The Smarties Pop Up is essentially ice cream with crushed smarties in it, packaged in a cardboard tube. You push the ice cream up the tube as you eat it, which we thought would be a good idea. The bulk of the ice cream would be contained inside the tube so there was less chance of it melting all over the children. It worked for a while, but when Garden Boy neared the bottom, his ice cream fell out all over him and all over Garden Dad’s knee. Garden Boy was upset and Garden Girl was worried the same would happen to her.

We managed to alleviate the upset by getting them to look in the bottom of the packet. You see, when you have eaten all the ice cream, there is an extra special treat waiting for you at the bottom, in the form of mini Smarties. Our Little Garden Helpers were happy again. We weren’t. Having been soaked in the ice cream, the Smarties were a congealed mess of sticky chocolate. By the time the whole thing had been eaten they were covered in melted ice cream, chocolate and various food colours from the sticky Smarties. Never again!

And theĀ Calippo Shots weren’t any better. These small icy balls of flavour come packaged in a plastic pot that has an opening at the top through which you can tip the ‘shots’. Great, we thought. They could just tip the balls into their mouth and if the rest melted because it took them a while, it would just melt into the plastic pot and they would be able to drink the juice. But of course the little balls were all stuck together so they couldn’t tip them out in small amounts. In fact they couldn’t do it themselves at all. We had to squeeze the sides of the pots for them, to loosen the balls, then tip them out. Because it was difficult to tip straight into their mouths we ended up tipping Garden Girls into her hand. But the more they melted, the more juice we were pouring over her. In the end Garden Girl became so fed up she stopped to trying to eat it. For Garden Boy we tipped them onto the push chair tray and he picked them up from there, leaving behind a pool of sticky stuff on the train, down his front and on the pushchair seat.

In future we will stick to a traditional cone.