Thomas and Friends – Misty Island Rescue

We were sent a pre release copy of Thomas and Friends Misty Island Rescue DVD, which is a feature length CG animation which is due to be released on 11 October with a RRP of £12.99.

My boys used to love Thomas, but have been reluctant to watch any of the episodes lately, but they loved this DVD.  We watched it as a family on Sunday evening and the boys didn’t move for the whole of the movie.  They watched intently and were even reciting the names of the new engines and they phrases by the end of the hour long film.

So what is it all about, well I will had over to Maxi for the synopsis – “Thomas has to go on  a raft behind the big boat, but his chain breaks and he ends up at Misty Island”, then Mini takes over “he meets, Bash, Dash and Ferdinand who are the logging loco, who laugh a lot”.

Safe to say Thomas does get back to Sodor and are very helpful engines.

A must for any Tomas fan, but also a really endearing childhood film that it really watchable.