Facebook Application, Baby on Board: Keeping our Children Safe

We all know how important it is to strap our children into the car safely and we all try our best to make sure our children have the appropriate car seat for their age, however it can be a bit complicated to work out what type of seat your child needs and when. In fact Britax carried out some research which suggests that four out five British parents are unaware of the in-car safety legislations for children. Of the 1,000 parents surveyed, only 20% knew that children must use a car seat or a booster cushion until the age of 12 or when they reach 1.35 metres tall.

Apparently, the average UK parent switches from a car seat to a booster cushion when their child is only six, meaning the child is no longer receiving any side impact protection. In response to this, Britax have discontinued their booster cushions altogether in an attempt to get parents to use high back boosters instead. They have also developed a new safety quiz application on their facebook page called ‘Baby on Board: Keeping our Children Safe.’ Its worth checking it out as, along with the quiz application, there is lots of information about how to choose and fit the right car seat for your child.

You can visit the ‘Baby on Board: Keeping our Children Safe’ facebook page here.