Old MacDonald Lotto

Old MacDonald Lotto, £8.99

Reviewed as part of the Toys R Us Toyology programme

What is Old MacDonald Lotto?

Old MacDonald Lotto is a memory game for two to four players aged two and upwards. Each player has a picture board and takes turns to pick an upturned card from the middle. If they need that animal for their own farm, they make the appropriate animal noise and keep the card. If they don’t need it, they put it back for someone else to pick up later. The winning player is the first to fill up their board, complete with farmer.

What we liked about Old MacDonald Lotto

This is the first game we have been able to genuinely play as a family. My two year old twin daughters needed a little prompting about taking turns, but soon grasped the concept of the game and enjoyed making the animal noises and matching the pictures. My three year old son has now got the hang of remembering where the different cards are and intently stares at the one he wants until his turn comes around! Even my husband and I enjoyed playing it, and it’s become a firm family favourite. It’s a very versatile game too; even a younger baby would enjoy identifying the animals as older siblings played.

What we didn’t like about Old MacDonald Lotto
There honestly wasn’t anything we didn’t like about this game.


A great family game for a great price.