A Lot to Say Green T- Shirts

A Lot To Say are an American company which sell a range of T-shirts and accessories manufacture ed from recycled PET bottles. They are the only apparel company to have been endorsed by the International Green Energy Council. The range features inspiring and positive statements. They have a really nice looking website here.

I was struck by their press release because I am very interested in sustainable and green fashion. The children wear a lot of organic clothes from Frugi, Katvig and Green Baby. I have a lot of clothes from Green People who I think really sum the whole movement up well and provide some fantastic directional pieces for reasonable prices. In fact, if you are after a bargain I would check out their sale! In May 2010 alottosay.com were named the most environmentally progressive line of message apparel and lifestyle products on the market in the USA. Therefore, their step into the UK green fashion market should be very interesting.

I was lucky enough to be sent one of their T-shirts to try for myself. I am quite impressed, although I have to admit that I don’t tend to wear logo T-shirts other than for fitness and this is probably when I will wear this one. It would look great with jeans though, if you are the sort of person that wishes to start conversations about green issues! The fabric is lovely and soft and t-shirt is really well made. It has a the feel of a quality product. I’m impressed and it is nice to have something that isn’t from the usual high street shops. I particularly like their Yoga range and if I was to resume my Yoga classes (which I should) then I would probably treat myself to something.

With Christmas looming, I think that A Lot To Say is a really good place to look for presents as they sell loads of things from umbrellas and T-shirts through to pillowcases. I don’t think you can go far wrong.