Boots Expert Dry Shampoo

I really wanted to try out a dry shampoo because I often find that in all the rush to get Garden Girl to nursery school on time I just don’t have time to wash my hair. Garden Lass doesn’t always accommodate me with the timing of her feeds and I find myself throwing on whatever clothes are lying about and racing out of the doors in the morning, only getting time to shower and change later in the day. I was thrilled when Boots agreed to send me their Expert Dry Shampoo to try out as I was unsure whether the product would work. I really had no idea what to expect.

If I’m being honest I was a little disappointed. It does have some good points, but it didn’t blow me away. I put a towel over my shoulders because I was worried there would be some sort of dandruff effect when I brushed it out but this didn’t happen at all which is a good thing. The shampoo actually comes out in a very fine spray and leaves no visible marks on clothes. It is also very quick to apply which is just what I need. You just hold it about 30cm away from your head and spray. Massage it in and hey presto its done! And yes, it did take away the greasy shine, making my hair look cleaner. What it can’t do however, is take away the limpness of unwashed hair so whilst my hair looked cleaner it didn’t look styled like the woman on the bottle. ( I have quite fine hair though so I do wonder if it would work better on thicker hair.) It also doesn’t smell great.

Perhaps I was expecting a bit too much from the bottle. It isn’t a substitute for washing your hair. I certainly wouldn’t recommend relying on it for an evening out, but it what it can do is give your hair a little bit longer between washes, perhaps just livening up tired hair before you go to for a drink straight after work, or getting you through the school run. You might not look like the most stylish mum in the playground but at least you’ll look clean! But the effects don’t last long and a couple of hours after applying it you’ll need to jump in the shower and give your hair the real deal.

Would I buy it? Well, despite being a little disappointed, at only £1.99 for 200ml it would be handy to have a bottle in my bathroom cabinet for those days when I really can’t get through the shower before the school run, but it isn’t something I will be using on a daily basis. Emergency use only!

If you want to try it for yourself you can buy it in Boots stores or online here.