Zingzillas: The Album

This week our Little Garden Helpers have been dancing, jumping about and playing air guitar to one of the best children’s albums we have come across – Zingzillas: The album. Garden Girl and Garden Boy absolutely love the TV show and jump up to join in the Big Zing whenever its on. Garden Boy likes to bang along on his xylophone or tambourine, while Garden Girl jumps up and boogies along to the music. Garden Girl also really likes the bit in the show when the guest musicians introduce the Zingzilla’s to different styles of music and does a particularly beautiful dance to the sound of Sarah Connolly and David Milner-Pearce singing the opera.

When we discovered there would be a Zingzilla’s album and we were given the opportunity to receive a review copy we were understandably very excited. And everyone in the house loves it. For me, its a breath of fresh air from our usual high pitched nursery rhymes in the car, for Garden Dad its an opportunity to share his love of a wide range of music styles with our Little Garden Helpers and for them its a chance to dance to, play along with and sing along with familiar songs they love. Even Garden Lass starts to bounce excitedly in her bouncy chair when we have the music playing.

The Big Zing Opera is the outstanding favourite for Garden Girl, as she sways to the music with her eyes closed. Garden Boy prefers the energetic Rocking in a Rock Band which makes us all want to jump about playing the air guitar. Bhangra Beat is Garden Dad’s favourite. He thinks I don’t know he knows all the words, but I’ve heard him singling it to himself when he thinks he’s alone. And I like them all. I need no persuasion by the children to have this CD playing in the car.

If your little one likes the show they will love this CD so put it on your Christmas list, or if like me you are fed up of listening to the usual round of nursery rhymes, treat yourself and your little one right now. You won’t regret it.  The album will be released on 4th October 2010 with an RRP of £9.99 and will be available from a number of retailers including Amazon, Sainsbury’s and HMV.