The Charlotte 'Dotty' Bag from The Old Bag Company

For a while now Garden Girl has been complaining about my swimming bag. I take the children swimming every week and all our stuff goes into one large bag which Garden Girl describes as ‘a boring old changing bag’. And if I’m completely honest she isn’t wrong. I have been using an old changing bag that came free with a pack of nappies four years ago when Garden Girl was born.It has served it purpose but it isn’t the best quality and it certainly isn’t stylish and when your four year old daughter starts to comment on your lack of style you know you are in dire need of an upgrade. So I started to search for a new swimming bag. It had to meet some strict criteria though. It needed to be large enough to hold everything for myself, Garden Girl and Garden Boy and Garden Girl had to approve of the style.

It was a long search and then I came across The Old Bag Company and I loved their designs the moment I came across their website. I showed the pictures to Garden Girl and she also thought they were great so when they agreed to send a Charlotte ‘Dotty’ Bag for us to review we were both rushing to the door every morning waiting for the postman. I had put Garden Girl in charge of choosing the colour and it had been absolutely no contest. The pink bag was on its way. And when it arrived we were not at all disappointed.

On seeing me unwrap the bag Garden Girl was literally jumping up and down with excitement. ‘Wow! Its fantastic!’  she said. ‘Its beautiful. I love it.’ And my own thoughts were echoing Garden Girls. It really is a gorgeous bag. It has all the space I need to hold all our swimming gear, with interior and exterior pockets that make it much easier to find things like shampoo and the bottle of milk I take along for Garden Lass just in case. There is also an all important zip pocket for me to put my phone and purse and a clip fastener for  keys so I have no worries they might fall out or get lost at the bottom of the bag.

The canvas is heavy duty and the whole bag is put together to a high quality so there is no chance it will start to fall apart with repeated use. And because the interior is waterproof, after each swimming session I can quickly wipe it over to remove any lingering smell of chlorine and the whole bag is machine washable so every now and then I can give it a really good clean. I am hugely impressed with the attention to detail on this bag and the design is everything we wanted; fun and cheerful. And because the Charlotte bag is actually a beach bag it will double as my own beach bag in summer.

I also love the fact that The Old Bag Company is a true family business and it is clear from the website that everyone involved with the company, from family members to the working team, love the business and are passionate about the bags. There are a number of colours and styles to choose from including purses, laptop bags, changing bags and every day bags and there is even a junior range which I know Garden Girl would just love. Father Christmas already has one of these on his list of gifts to buy for Garden Girl.

There is a bag here for every fun loving lass out there and they are also reasonably priced (the Charlotte Bag costs just £38.99) so would make the ideal Christmas gift for bag loving family and friends. For more details and to see the full range take a look at The Old Bag Company website here.