Boots Teething Range

Boots always have a very good selection of baby health products and their range of teething products is equally good. Garden Lass already has her first two teeth and is having quite a hard time with the second pair so when the opportunity arose to sample some of their new teething items I was thrilled.

The teething process takes years so having anything in the house that will act as a distraction or which will ease the pain is very useful but with so many products available it can be difficult to know what the best approach is. Boots Parenting Club Pharmacist Angela Chalmers says: “The knawing action of teethers is extremely soothing to your baby and can help the teeth break through. If your baby has sore gums, then an antiseptic teething gel might help ease the pain locally. Teething powders based on chamomile extract can also help to calm and soothe your baby.’

We already use Boots Sugar Free Teething Gel for ages 3 Months Plus (15g, £1.55) with Garden Lass. We found it to be quite effective with her older brother and sister so was a natural choice for us. It is an antiseptic, pain relieving gel specifically designed to quickly relieve the pain of teething and sore gums. We tend to use this if she is having teething pain at night as the Teether toys suggest that it is play time not sleep time but during the day I prefer to use a Teether and have always found the ones that can be cooled in the fridge to be the most effective.

Boots have a number of different shapes and designs on offer which are designed in just this way and often it is a case of finding the one your baby is most comfortable with. They sent us the New Boots Baby Cooling Hand Teether (£1.50) which, as its name suggests, is shaped like a small hand. It has a textured surface and can be chilled in the fridge for added pain relief. Garden Lass loves this one. She finds it really easy to hold and the little fingers are ideal for reaching just the right spot. Maybe it is because she likes to chew on her own thumb that this one is such a good fit with her, or maybe its just that the shape is perfect for her little hands and mouth, but whatever the reason, this is by far her favourite teether.

The also sent the New Boots Baby Fruit Shaped Teether (£3.49) which she finds a bit more difficult to get into her mouth at the moment but she is not yet 6 months old and this one is for children over the age of 6 months, so will probably come into its own a bit more when she is older. It is very colourful and eye-catching which serves to distract her when the pain is only slight and she will shake it and bang it on the table at meal times. I imagine when she is a bit more skilled at getting things to her mouth and separating the three fruits to get one in her mouth this will become very well used.

To see the full range of Boots Teething products just visit their website here and remember if you want some advice about teething the Boots pharmacists will be happy to answer your questions.