BabyDamLi’l Mister loves splashing in the bath. I was lucky when I bought his baby bath that I managed to find quite a large one. Which was fine at first, but that kid doesn’t stop growing! Soon he’d outgrown the bath but not splashing and was alternating between managing to splash (and soak me in the process) or kicking the end of the bath.

So I needed a solution. One that came in the form of the original BabyDam bathwater barrier.

BabyDam is a bathwater barrier that removes even the need for a baby bath. It’s lightweight, flat and easier to store than a baby bath, grows with your baby until they’re so big they need the whole of the tub, practical and environmentally conscious.

But does it work?

In a word: yes.

Although I had my doubts at first. You see I tried and tried to fit the BabyDam but I just couldn’t get it to stick. I’d wet the suction pads, flexed and placed the BabyDam but to no avail. The BabyDam just wouldn’t stay put.

And then I realised I was flattening the rubber gasket lip the wrong way.

Yes, even with comprehensive and simple instructions I still couldn’t get it right. Of course once I realised what I was doing wrong the BabyDam was dead easy to fit and worked really well. In fact the only time it didn’t work was when TB tried it and managed to push the BabyDam right out of place. I swear, that six year old’s strength knows no bounds!

And if you still need convincing, I’ve got some facts from BabyDam for you:

  • A standard, straight sided family bath requires around 80 litres of water to fill to an average useable depth. To bath a baby, you would use approximately a quarter of this – 20 litres.
  • BabyDam can cut this water requirement in half, to only 10 litres. Using a BabyDam every day for a year would, therefore, save 3,650 litres of water per child. Using BabyDam for up to two and a half years until your child outgrows the product would save an impressive 9,125 litres of water.
  • Heating water in our homes accounts for 25% of all energy usage (uswitch July 2010). Using BabyDam to bath your baby will make a genuine reduction to every parent’s household heating bill and collectively can make a substantial contribution to the nation’s energy saving requirement.
  • Future Water, the Government’s water strategy for England, outlines a vision for the average person to reduce the water they use by 20 litres per day. BabyDam will help achieve this.

I know three things: 1) if TB has a bath in the evening, unless I remember to turn the hot water on afterwards, there is not enough hot water to either do the washing upthat evening or have my own shower the next morning; 2) I dreaded the thought of having to manage the two of them in the bath and the hot water, and more to the point, the expense of heating the water in the first place; 3) now I’m using the BabyDam our hot water situation is nowhere near as horrific.

BabyDam retails at £27.50 but in recognition of Energy Saving Week, until mid day on 16 November the price has been reduced to £19.99 and you can buy here. A bargain if ever I saw one!