Tube Town Inflatable Playhouse – Pump Up, Play All Day, Pack Away

We have been lucky enough to have been sent one of these gorgeous new Disney Princess Castle Inflatable Playhouses to try out and review. I don’t need to say how beautiful it is, you can see that from the picture and on the ninja corporation website here. What I do need to tell you is that – yes it does inflate (and deflate) in minutes – not two, but not many more.

The playhouse arrives in a beautiful storybook box which, when opened reveals lovely pictures of the castle. Baby Girl (aged 3) would have been happy with just this and could barely contain herself when I said we had one to try. The next step proved to be the real winner for this playhouse. The pump is a good size, ergonomic and attaches easily to the colour coded ‘in’ valves. These are easy to find and have clever little cover flaps to protect them when the playhouse is in use. So from opening the box, within five minutes, Baby Girl had moved into her castle with all her Princess friends, no instructions, no fighting bits of pole, no hammers, nails or glue – just one happy girl and one Mum not quite sure what to do with all the extra time I found myself with. Cup of tea and a Sudoku but don’t let on to Hubby!

From a grown up point of view, the Castle is HUGE, nearly six feet high if you include the flag, with bags of space inside for play. This, however, is not a problem as it packs away as fast as it goes up, the separate deflate valves are a revelation – they let air out without having to be squeezed, poked or prodded in any way  – brilliant! The playhouse then rolls up into its neat little carry bag and ends up smaller than your average changing bag. The whole thing is really well made and thought out. The castle, and the other tube town products, have been designed for this purpose; they can be taken anywhere, anytime and can be ready for the kids to play in almost by the time they have their shoes and coats off. We took it to friends just to prove to how easy it is. It also proved that there is room inside for two little girls to dance at the ball and have a banquet!

From Baby Girls point of view, she loved that Cinderella, Belle, and Aurora were inside (and outside) the castle, she can stand up in it (and dance around), it has windows! and there is a door at each end so no being trapped by Small Boy!

Due to the weather we only tried the castle indoors but it does come supplied with good sturdy loops and ground pegs to stop it blowing away, or just to keep it still. The pegs are quite small though so I possibly wouldn’t trust them at anything above 3 on the Beaufort scale.

I think the tube system is a great idea. The playhouse is easily erected, remarkably sturdy and holds its shape, yet is light enough to lift with one hand. We found that, being lightweight, the playhouse did tend to slide around a bit when on a tiled floor but no problems on carpets or when the children are inside, as they weigh it down!

I think these playhouses are the solution to many dilemmas. For small houses and gardens, they are ideal, as they inflate quickly and pack away easily into a small bag for storage. They are usable year round, unlike the fixed garden playhouses which stand idle over winter, and they are great to look at and play in. I think they’re pretty good value too. I know Baby Girl will miss it, but it’s been great fun – Small Boy wants a Spiderman one!

The Tube Town Disney Princess Castle is available from Amazon