Miniamo Cookery Gift Sets for Kids

Miniamo Cookery Gift Sets for Kids

I’m notorious for being pretty rubbish at cooking. The one thing I do try and do though, is cook with the children. So I was delighted when I was asked to review a couple of My Deco’s lovely cooking kits for kids by Miniamo.

The first kit we used was the 3 Piece Pizza Set with recipe card.
As in the best scientific experiments where you follow the instructions, I decided to test their recipe. In actual fact, the recipe was superb, really really easy to make the pizza bases. I would suggest it is the best Pizza base recipe I have come across for kids. It really was delicious. The set came with a rolling pin, a pizza wheel and a pizza baking tray. Toddler boy loves owning his own rolling pin and pizza wheel, so he was very pleased. Since pizza is his most favourite thing in the whole wide world to eat, apart from pasta, it was the ideal set for him. The pizza wheel is probably the best feature of the set as it is very child friendly; nice and big and chunky. Toddler boy absolutely loved using it to cut his pizza.

The other set we received was the 6 piece heart baking set with recipe card. This seemed ideal for Fifi who likes mixing cake mixture with me. We loved the little heart shaped cake tins (although I need to buy another set so we have enough cakes!). The little whisk was really sweet looking with its pastel coloured prongs and there is a stencil to help you ice them to perfection. This didn’t work very well, but it may have been because our icing was a bit runny. We enjoyed using this kit and I expect Fifi will demand to use her whisk time and time again. The heart shaped cakes are also very ideal for those girly birthday parties and play dates!

These sets are both really nicely packaged, I liked the little handles on the boxes which mean your child can easily carry them home. I think they are very reasonable prices and I would suggest that if you are stuck for a Christmas gift for a child then these are a brilliant option!

You can find them at mydeco and for around a tenner each, I think they are well worth it.