CBeebies Song Time

This Christmas CBeebies are releasing their Song Time album which includes theme tunes and songs from a whole host of their shows and we were very lucky to receive a review copy. Garden Girl, age 4 and Garden Boy, age 2, both really enjoy music of varying sorts, but tunes they are very familiar with through the TV are always popular. CBeebies Song Time has two CD’s, with 50 songs, but amazingly we only have 7 of the tunes in our collection already. These CD’s therefore, offer a very welcome set of new songs to liven up our car journeys.

All their favourite CBeebies shows are covered, including Zingzillas, Big Cook Little Cook,Mister Maker, Gigglebiz, 3rd & Bird, 64 Zoo Lane, Chuggington and Postman Pat SDS. Garden Boy has been strutting his moves as best he can in his car seat, ever since the CD’s arrived, honking his horn and making train arms to the Chuggington theme tune with great enjoyment. Garden Girl likes to sing along to 64 Zoo Lane and Big Cook Little Cook and I am becoming a convert to the Postman Pat SDS theme tune. I have been listening to the traditional theme tune on every car trip for almost four years now! New music is always, always welcome!

Children’s music can be irritating, mainly because we are forced to listen to it over and over again but I love that my children enjoy these CD’s. They are the songs and shows they will reminisce about when they are my age, in the way I do with the songs from Button Moon and Banana’s in Pyjamas. I want them to have those memories and these CD’s are great way of helping them. With 50 tracks however you won’t find yourself repeating the same songs over and over again in one journey. All in all a great stocking filler for young fans of CBeebies!

You can view a full track list and buy CBeebies Song Time for £8.93 on Amazon from 22nd November 2010.