Billy Connolly Live in London 2010 DVD

I have to admit that, prior to seeing this DVD, I had only seen snippets of Billy Connolly and if I am really honest, I have never been very impressed due to the amount of swearing. I won’t dwell on this however because we all know that this is part and parcel of a performance by Billy Connolly. But, having switched over frequently when he has appeared on TV, I wasn’t really expecting to enjoy Billy Connolly Live in London 2010, but once I got past the bad language I found him very funny.

Billy Connolly managed to hold my attention throughout the whole performance and I was smiling for much of it. I wasn’t laughing out loud, but it is a rare comedian that can make me do this, so general amusement is pretty good. What really struck me about his performance was how much he was enjoying himself. He clearly loved being on stage, reliving some funny moments and sharing his amusing stories with an audience that participated well. His obvious pleasure was infectious and it was perhaps this, as much as anything else, that held my attention. But the jokes were there too, with a believability about his stories.

Billy Connolly has been around for many years and in his opening he said he was worried that his audiences might start getting smaller as he gets older. If this DVD is anything to go by he need not worry. I’m sure my Dad would really enjoy this DVD, as would any long time fan of Billy Connolly, but I don’t think this DVD will only be selling on the back of his long career. It is very funny in its own right and will provide some laughs over Chritsmas.

Billy Connolly Live in London 2010 was released on 15th November 2010 with an RRP of £21.99 (DVD) and £26.99 (Blu-ray) but is currently available from Amazon for £13.93.