Rachel's Dairy Products

Rachel’s sent us a lovely selection of their yoghurts and a divine rice pudding to taste and review and they did not disappoint. The yoghurts were well flavoured and extremely tasty. My favourite was the Greek Style Coconut and the Greek Style Cherry yoghurt was devoured by Garden Dad before I even had a look in so must have been delicious. But in all honesty they were all deliciously smooth and creamy. And the children thought so too. Garden Lass at six months old would bounce up and down in her seat, with legs and arms flapping at just the sight of the My First Yoghurt pots and was always disappointed when the last spoonful went in her mouth! And for me it was reassuring to know that there was nothing added, just good, healthy organic ingredients.

Garden Girl and Garden Boy loved the Yoghurt Squeezies which seemed to make it more fun for them, but I wasn’t quite as impressed as I found them much messier than a traditional yoghurt pot – They squeezed the tube before it was in their mouth and on one occasion Garden Boy was getting upset because he couldn’t get any yoghurt out, only for me to discover that he had the tube upside down and there was now a little puddle of yoghurt in his lap! Luckily the taste explorers range comes in the traditional pot packaging as well, so the great taste can be enjoyed without quite so much mess.

There is no doubt that the Rachel’s range tastes great but another bonus is that all Rachel’s products are made using organic whole milk. In fact Rachel’s Organic was the first ever organic dairy and has since become the fastest growing organic dairy in Britain. This isn’t surprising given the excellent quality of the products. I would definitely recommend the range both in terms of taste and quality so do look out for the products in your local supermarket and give them a try. Like me, you won’t be disappointed!