Michael Jackson The Experience; Nintendo Wii

Boy has discovered Wii Wii games in a big way. At first I was a bit confused, I drew the obviously wrong conclusion that something odd was going on a Playgroup or the childminders. Then I fell in, and realised that it was Mario Kart and Just Dance II he was talking about. Thus when we were offered Michael Jackson The Experience by the lovely chaps at Ubisoft I agreed to give it a go. The Wii is the only video games console I have managed to get to grips with so I am keen to get a range of games, if only because I actually quite enjoy playing them with the hubby. So much better than staring at the television and more sociable than reading to oneself all evening.

Michael Jackson The Experience is pretty similar to Just Dance 2, except just with Michael Jackson songs. Boy quite likes a bit of MJ, especially the more beat driven tunes. However, it’s a bit too hard for him to get anything at all right. We tried it and found it quite difficult as well, I think this is because the dance routines are really quite complicated for the likes of two left footers. We did like trying to do Billie Jean though.

I’m not sure about this game, I have mixed feelings. It’s quite fun, but so difficult to get right it sort of loses its novelty. We liked the video elements of it and the songs. If you are a Michael Jackson fan it’s totally for you, if not so much, then I think you might be better off with Just Dance 2. However, it did get us all up off the sofa attempting to dance and we did put Michael Jackson’s greatest hits back onto the iPod so that’s good then. If you want to give it a go over Christmas you can get hold of a copy here.