Tomy Mr Colour Maker

Tomy Mr Colour Maker RRP £24.99

This toy has been reviewed as part of the Toys R Us Toyologist programme.   I was delighted to be able to hand over three enormous boxes of toys to a local pre-school.  The staff and children there agreed to give their honest opinions on a variety of toys.  Here is their review of Tomy Mr Colour Maker, aimed at ages two and over.

When Mr Colour Maker was taken out of the box the children gave squeals of delight.  “Mr Colour Maker!  Mr Colour Maker – yeah, yeah…”  It was obvious this was a popular toy, perhaps recognised from television or magazine adverts.  It was suggested the children all take turns with this toy.  They instinctively poured the paint pots into the pot and then stirred, without any instruction being given by the adult supervising the group.  After several children had played with it, we realised that they were not listening to the instructions or comments made by Mr Colour Maker.  This was perhaps because the volume is rather low – the adults found they had to put it up to their ears to hear.

The process of pouring the paints and the mixing were very much enjoyed by the children.  Mr Colour Maker was used to “stir, stir, stir the jelly.  Mix, mix, mix the jelly”  (F, 3 years).  It was used as  a cooking utensil in the home corner; the children placed it on the cooker and poured pretend tins of food into it, stirring and dishing the resulting ‘meal’ up for their friends.

All ages of children at pre-school (2-5) have played with this toy, with girls and boys enjoying it equally.  The lid came unclipped during the first hour of play; it is easily clipped back on and in fact the toy is perfectly usable without the lid.  Mr Colour Maker surprised us by being very popular.  This could be because it is interactive and the flashing lights and colours appeal to the children.  Some children were observed later in the week repeating the names of colours after Mr Colour Maker.