Pictionary 25th Anniversary Edition

 I must admit that it has been a long time since I played Pictionary and I wasn’t sure if I would notice the difference between my memory of it, and the new edition kindly sent to me by Mattel.

First difference is that it looks more fun, a much brighter box and board, and though the concept remains much the same, Mattel have managed to make it much more family friendly. There are two sets of cards, adult and junior, which can be used independently or simultaneously, depending on the player’s ages. The adult cards are the same as the original with various categories like action or object. The junior cards differ in that each card has a category – which is read aloud – and all the words on the card relate to that.

We had great fun playing the new version with ages ranging from 13 to ‘middle aged’! As I remembered, it can take an awfully long time to play but this again has been addressed and there are now 3 start points, so you can play a shorter game. We found it even more fun when we dispensed with the paper and pencils and used Small Boys easel, so we could see both team’s drawings. There was also less chance of the boys team cheating this way!

If you are a board game family with older children, this could be the one for you this Christmas. It is always better played with larger numbers so perfect for those evenings when you’ve got all the relatives round. So turn off the telly, get out the wine and have a jolly good wheeze playing Pictionary!