Ella's Kitchen baby food

Weaning a baby feels like a pivotal turning point in the life of your child, the full force of the health visitors eat right campaign spreads out ahead of you like a waiting lion, ready to pounce if you refute the breast and turn the way of satan and proffer the baby jar (or so it seems). So if like me your health visitor made you feel as if undercooking or overcooking a carrot or giving the food in the wrong order that the government advises may possibly be detrimental to all concerned then Ella’s kitchen could be the choice for you.

I’m a fairly good cook, its been commented upon by friend and family that I cook for. But for some reason I am unable to stew and puree basic combinations of food so luckily for me the lovely people at Ella’s kitchen sent me some of their fabulous squishy stage one packets to try on the Bean. Ella’s kitchen is 100% organic baby food delightfully packaged in such a way that I am sure babies recognise it. Lots of pictures of fruit and veg in bright colours seemed to make a little hand reach out to have a look at what she was eating, a fabulous start, which continued as she thoroughly enjoys eating them. Carrots, Apples and Parsnips was an instant success for a first weaning food, and sweet potatoes, broccoli and carrots was another enjoyable mealtime. The texture is fantastic for a first food it looks inviting to eat and smells nice too. I refuse to give the Bean one large brand as i honestly wouldn’t eat it myself so don’t see why she should. However i would eat Ella’s kitchen, its got no additives, no e numbers, no added sugar or dairy (lots of brand sneak this in). Ella’s kitchen do breakfasts, lunches and dinners and also some really good stage 2 biscuits which we have been trying this week. Out of everything they offer I do think the main meal pouches are the best, the breakfast ones are a little gloopy and baby was not too fussed by them and the fruit ones may have been a little sour as she does prefer the fruit pouches from another leading organic brand. However the meals Stage one and two are a winner every time, I don’t think there is one that she has not happily seen the packet and opened her mouth ready and willing for.

Its also worth noting that the pouches are great for when you are out and about, you don’t need a bowl you can just squeeze straight onto a spoon and feed and also you don’t have to keep worrying about the glass jars breaking as your change bag bounces about under your pram. I’ve had no Ella’s kitchen spillages as yet.

One of the things I also really like about Ella’s kitchen is they send out a really useful guide to weaning – available through their website: www.ellaskitchen.co.uk which offers useful tips, recipes and ideas on what to feed your baby and when. After all the leaflets and cook books I have been looking through it was refreshing to see something laid out so simply and in easy to digest sections.

Overall I think Ella’s kitchen is great, but the big downside is the price. Its twice as expensive as most other brands out there and if you have a baby like mine that can quite easily eat a meal one and a desert one each mealtime then its not a cheap way of feeding your baby. But if your a competent baby cook and you just want the odd few things in the cupboard for when you go out then 100% buy Ella’s Kitchen.