Celebrity Fashion at Very.co.uk

You either love celebrity fashion or you don’t, I’m sort of torn between the two. I think what I like to see though is women that I identify with and like their style. Thus, it’s quite useful to scan some of the shops to see what is out there. Marks and Spencer have fashions modelled by Twiggy, Mylene and a couple of supermodels, People Tree have stuff designed by Emma Watson and Top Shop have the infamous Kate Moss range. But without doubt the absolutely best of the shops for clothes designed by celebrities who are more normal are www.very.co.uk.
The team at Very have managed to get Fearne Cotton, Holly Willoughby, Colleen, Alesha Dixon and loads of others all together on their website.I quite like Holly Willoughby as she comes across as quite normal and with children of her own she clearly has a reasonable idea of what mums would like to wear. This season there are quite a few nice items in the range.This Tulip Print Tea Dress looks perfect for weekends when you want to be a bit less slummy and a bit more yummy mummy. I also absolutely love this Contrast Print Tea Dress (please someone send me this one to keep!)

For slightly a younger audience, the Fearne Cotton range is brilliant. The last few seasons there has been some really great stuff, I loved the Insect print wrap dress in particular from last season. There are a few things which someone in their mid thirties such as me might like to wear (or at least try). I think this Bow Boyfriend cardigan is a brilliant buy, I love the bow detail on the pockets

Anyway, you can spend hours on the very co uk website looking at the fashion, getting ideas and trying not to spend a fortune. In terms of the quality of their clothes, I have a few items which have proved themselves hard-wearing. Although I have to admit, did purchase things which were from the celebrity ranges and were a little bit more costly than the average stuff.  If you haven’t checked the site out, go and have a little look, I don’t think you will be disappointed and at the moment they have a really good sale on.