Tuiss Blinds

One of the things we found with having little people is the need for an extra layer of light damping in the kids bedrooms. Even though both Fifi and the Boy have lined curtains, if a chink of light creeps in at 4.30am on a summers day, that’s enough to wake them up and convince them that the day has started and it’s time to make a fuss.
At the time we put up cheap roller blinds from a popular catalogue shop but we now regret it. They do a job but look pretty ugly when the curtains are open. Of course what we should have done is spent a couple of pounds more on a nice colour coordinated blind from Tuiss Blinds. The blinds sold by Tuiss are featured on Grand Designs and Ideal Home. The roller blinds are a very reasonable £35, which for made to measure blinds is pretty good. The roller blind I hacked up with a junior hacksaw was £15, so the price differential isn’t bad at all.
Tuiss of course do the full range of blinds, from roman, to venetian, and of course wooden blinds.The do plain wooden blinds and taped wooden blinds, starting at a reasonable £28 for the plain version.
Given the price, I wish we’d opted for something more luxuriant in the first place.