Palmolive's new Aromatic Handwash Range

It’s not that I’m happy to review anything readers, but lets be honest, we do all use hand wash, so I thought this might be worth doing out of interest. In exchange for this review I received a bottle of each of the newly launched hand wash range: Bergamot & Verbena and Lavender & Chamomile.

In short, the hand wash was lovely, just as you would expect. The packaging was perfect for our slightly unusual bathroom and both are reasonably priced at RRPĀ£1.99. I preferred the smell of the Bergamot & Verbena as it is bright and fresh. But it’s horses for courses isn’t it!

The most interesting part of this review turned out to be the information about Palmolive itself. Did you know they have been in business as savonniers since 1898? It’s an American firm whose origins lie with B. J. Johnson who opened a small laundry and tar soap factory in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1864. In 1898 B. J. ‘s son Caleb entered the family business and created a floating green soap based on palm and olive oils; he called it Palmolive. Caleb was unhappy with this soap so he shopped around for something heavier and more refined. At the Worlds Trade fair in St Louis in 1904 he found just the thing. Palmolive became more like the toilet soaps imported from France and the rest is history.

Now if that doesn’t help you in Trivial Pursuit, I’ll eat my hat. That’s after I have washed my hands with this new Bergamot &Verbena hand wash that is.