Stay-Put, the buggy blanket that does what it says

For a while now I have struggled to find a good way of keeping toddlers warm in the buggy. Babies are not a problem- the conventional cosy toes/ footmuff will keep them beautifully snug. However, their legs soon get too long to comfortably squeeze in but I have no option but continue to use the pushchair (as a childminder I need to keep several children safe at the same time). So, I was really pleased to have the opportunity to review the Stay-put Blankets’ range of products, and especially excited to see they had a new blanket for tandem pushchairs.

If you’ve never come across these before- Stay-put is a fleecy buggy blanket, which simply attaches to any buggy frame using wrap around straps with poppers. Unlike cosy toes, it just goes on top of the child (you can also get a fleecy liner to go underneath them if you want extra warmth) and has a special pocket that you tuck their feet into (with babies, you can even tuck it up under the seat, so it’s really snug).

I tried out their fleecy stay-put blanket and matching liner, the waterproof blanketStay-put Blanket and their new tandem one. I used the blankets on three different pushchairs- a Mamas and Papas Pliko, a Mamas and Papas tandem and a Maclaren. The fastening position was different on each pushchair, and although the blankets fitted fine in all three, it was obviously best suited to a Maclaren style. I did struggle slightly to get the straps around the broad frame of the Mamas and Papas pushchairs, but it wasn’t really a problem.

One thing I really liked about the products was that you don’t need to feed the buggy harnesses through, so you can take the blanket on and off really quickly.  You also don’t have the bulk of the cosy toes, making it easier to fold up some buggies.

I also got to try their car seat blanket, which is a lovely idea for keeping small babies warm, especially when you are using a travel system and regularly transferring baby in her car seat from warm car to pushchair. All of the blankets are lovely and soft and warm, and come in wide a range of attractive colours. Many are reversible too- although the style of the tandem blanket means that it can’t be reversed.

The only minor issue I came across really was with the new tandem blanket (still under trial at the time)-the lack of fastening point between the two seats meant that the blanket slopped down in the middle, and the children could easily kick it down further, dragging on the ground. I found it easier to use two single Stay-put blankets, so I could make sure they stayed in place. Stay-put actually contacted me to say that they were planning to add an additional fastener in response to their own product testers’ feedback on this new product.

I am so tired of picking up shoes that have been kicked off, unwinding blankets that have got wrapped around wheels, or washing the ones that have fallen into muddy puddles! At £19.95 plus, these blankets actually do stay put and thanks to their clever foot pocket, you can keep toddler feet warm, dry, and (most importantly?) keep shoes safe.