Asda Little Angels Baby Food

I am a big fan of supermarket own branded goods. They are often of a high quality, but sold at a fraction of the price of alternative products and this is just as true in the baby department as elsewhere. However, one area where supermarkets have failed to offer their own brand is in baby food.

Not any more.

Asda have just launched their Little Angels Baby Food which includes flavours which are suitable for babies at stage 1 (4-6months), stage 2 (7+months) and stage 3 (10+months) and I am really pleased. I try very hard to give my baby homecooked food whenever possible, however with two older children I often myself out and about during meal times and having a pouch with me makes feeding on the go much easier. But baby food is expensive, so having a value range is something I suspect a lot of mums have been waiting for.

The big question all mum’s will be asking however is whether quality has been compromised to create this range and the answer is no. The team who developed the range spent two years perfecting the recipes and sourcing ingredients so there is no doubt that it has been well researched. All the food has been sourced from certified organic farms meaning that the meals are 100% organic and there is no added sugar, artificial colours, flavours or preservatives in any of the recipes.

We were sent a selection of the flavours for Garden Lass to try and she has enjoyed them all. She particularly enjoyed the Chicken and Mango Curry from the Stage 3 range and the Strawberry rice pudding from the Stage 2 range and the flavours have quite a traditional feel to them. The only criticism I have is that the range is currently quite limited, with only 4-5 flavours for each stage. However, this is to be expected given that Asda is the first supermarket to launch its own range. I suspect there will be more flavours to follow if it proves successful, which I have no doubt it will, given the excellent quality and the highly competitive pricing of the products.

The stage 1 and 2 meals come in pouches with plastic screw top lids so you can squeeze the food directly onto a spoon, which is very handy when we are out and I don’t want to carry extra bowl with me. The stage 3 meals, which contain larger lumps, come in a pouch which can be easily ripped open without the need for scissors.

I have not been disappointed at all by the Little Angels Baby Food and I think it has been long overdue, so well done Asda for providing us with the first supermarket brand baby food. I hope very much to see the range expand and grow in the future.

Asda Little Angels Baby food is available to buy both in Asda stores or online here.