Asda Little Angels Baby Food

little-angels-baby-food[1]I have never shopped in Asda, there isn’t one close enough to where i live, but after trying the Asda baby food range I might track one down and stock up. Asda have just relaunched a range of Organic ready made Baby food in plastic packets, rather than jars and although I was super skeptical about it I was pleasantly surprised. I am very particular about baby jars, some of the large companies I just wont buy after trying one and it making me gag, I think if I am expecting baby to eat it then i should at least try it. We were sent 3 of the new Little Angels range to try out: Chicken and Mango Curry, Organic Lamb Cottage Pie and Tomato and Vegetable Pasta.

The absolute favourite was the chicken and mango curry, baby loved it and it even made me want curry for my dinner. It was a good texture and an interesting combination with just the right size chinks of mango in for baby to also pick them out with her fingers to nibble on. A resounding success. We didn’t do so well with the Tomato and Vegetable Pasta, again baby enjoyed it, but I couldn’t bear the smell of the tomato in it, which was overwhelming. My husband, sat in a different room, even commented on what the dreadful smell was. It smelt and to me tasted really processed and although baby ate it all and looked longingly for more I wouldn’t buy it in a hurry. The Lamb Cottage Pie was eaten but as this was a thicker texture and possibly more filling, for a 9 month old there was a little too much and we stretched it out over 2 days with other lighter things for her to munch on. Again this had a really strong smell, of cinnamon strangely enough, which I didn’t mind at all and it tasted quite nice too.

Overall I was really impressed, the food was better quality than I imagined and the packets where fun and interesting for baby to look at when we talked about what she was eating (something I always do as she always eats better if she feels like she has been involved in the decision making process). Downsides are I don’t think they would be particularly easy to take out and about with you as you needed to cut them open and I think you have to put in a bowl and warm through in order to stop them being so gloopy but for at home they were fine. I also think there would possibly be slightly too much for a baby under 10 months and not quite enough for a baby nearing one. We had desert every time with them.

I am going to go and track down and Asda and buy some of the Chicken and Mango Curry and i am also going to see what else is similar in the range as they are a good price point and i do think they could well give Hipp a run for their money.