This Book is Totally Rubbish – A Maggie and Rose Activity Book

When I was asked to write a review of the book ‘This Book Is Totally Rubbish’ I was quite keen. My four year old and two year old love craft activities and a bit of new inspiration never goes amiss. On top of this, I thought this book might give the children an interesting insight into recycling and the reasons why we need to be more careful about the rubbish we produce.

There are loads of simple activities for young children, written out in a fun and engaging way. Many of these actvities will not be new to you but they are presented in such as a way as to inspire young children’s creativity. The book is perhaps best used as a way of teaching children how to follow instructions when making things and is great for getting them thinking about what they can do themselves with bits of rubbish. They really like the characters and illustrations and we have been using the activities as a basis for their own ideas and some independent creativity.

There is also an interesting section which included recipes for making your own moulding clay, glue and paint. These are things which I will definitely be trying with my children and I think they will be really inspired by the idea that they can make their own paint from natural products.

In terms of information about recycling itself, I felt there are some interesting facts on the back page but I would have liked to see more information throughout the book – little titbits relevant to the activity and the materials being used. I am nit picking a little bit though. The book does have illustrations and characters which are engaging and fun for young children and it is sure to inspire them into creativity.

There is another book in the series called ‘This Book Totally Makes Stuff Grow’ which I think will be worth a look with my little ones. Both books have an RRP of £5.99 and will be available to buy from 4th April 2011.