The Co-operative want you to get involved


The Co-operative’s Green Schools initiative is the most wide-ranging sustainability programme in UK schools. From helping to organise walking buses, to providing visits to green energy sites, and to farms to see how food is grown, the Co-op tried to engage pupils with a broader spectrum of projects than any other UK business.

One school to benefit from this partnership with The Co-operative was Sir Thomas Boughey High School in Staffordshire. It was one of the first Co-operative Business Colleges in the UK and one of 185 schools the Co-op have helped to generate their own green electricity.

The Co-op has helped the kids to get involved by becoming young co-operators, and funded a roof-mounted solar panel system. As a major sponsor, they’ve also support the school, staff, parents and pupils, in all areas of the curriculum.

I can’t help but think this is exactly the sort of scheme that the Co-operative’s pioneers in Rochdale back in 1844 would have approved of. Not necessarily the technical details of it all, which would probably have seemed akin to witchery to them but the underlying principles of sustainability and fairness are what is at the heart of the co-operative movement.

Of course the Co-operatives Green Schools initiative is but one of many that the organisation undertakes and now they’re asking you to join the revolution yourself and come up with an idea that they can contribute £5,000 in funding towards. The Co-op have 4 broad categories to pick from, climate change, tackling poverty, benefiting the community and inspiring young people. It’s exactly the sort of thing we should all be getting concerned with, so what are you waiting for? it’s time to get involved!
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