HP Guiness

hp-guiness-sauce-top-down-475g[1]There is only one word to describe the person who brought HP Sauce and Guiness together – Genius. HP Guiness, which was launched to coincide with St Patrick’s Day, might even pip BBQ Sauce to the post of my very favourite sauce. It is just delicious. So much so that I have even been snacking on cold sausages in the evenings just for the opportunity to have a little taste of HP Guiness.

Garden Dad loves it too. He describes it as ‘steak an ale pie sauce’ as it tastes very much like a steak and ale pie, yet I think that the Guiness flavour is very much there. In fact, it does always leave me with a slight craving for a glass of Guiness. I must remember to pop a couple of cans in my trolley next time I head to the supermarket. Along with another bottle of this delicious addition to the Heinz family of sauces. I would urge you to do the same. Then head home and make yourself the best cheese on toast you’ve tasted – with a layer of HP Guiness under the melted cheese.

HP Guiness is available in the supermarkets now with an RRP of £1.99 but if you live near me I would get there fast as my complimentary bottle is fast running out and I might just wipe the shelves bare.