Leather Style Case with Light for Amazon Kindle

e-readers like the Kindle are a great alternative to actual paper books and are much easier on the eye than a conventional computer screen. On the downside though, an e-reader isn’t much cop in the dark because the screen isn’t backlit.

With normal books you can get round this with a book light and now thanks to Mobile Fun you can do the same with your Kindle. We’re reviewing the Leather Style Case with Light for Amazon Kindle, which as the name suggests, comes with a really handy clip on light. The light itself is on a sturdy flexible stalk and is powered by 3 AAA batteries. Attached to the case, it gives good light to read your Kindle in the dark with.

The case itself is sturdy and well made. As the name suggests, it’s leather style and not actually leather but when you’ve forked out £109 for your Kindle, a sturdy but inexpensive case is a real must and at £15.95 you can’t really go wrong. Although the adverts show the Kindle being slipped in and out of pockets without a cover, I personally wouldn’t do that- a cover is a must for me and if I can also use it in bed when wifey has gone to sleep, all the better.

Mobile Fun sell all sorts of Kindle covers, and are well worth checking out for them and other accessories that are a lot cheaper than the high street.