Fireman Sam Ready for Action DVD

We’ve experienced all 3 iterations of Fireman Sam now, from the very early stop motion episodes with some real characters in more than one sense of the word, through to the much slicker modelled episodes, right up to the current computer generated incarnation, as showcased here in Ready for Action.

Whilst the older episodes has their charm, not least of all with Sam and his “inventions” (sort of an early Welsh Wallace and Gromit really), the computer generated ones have been the biggest hit with the kids.

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt throughout though, it’s that Mike Flood needs adult supervision at all times. It’s understandable that (Naughty) Norman Price would need an eye kept on him but quite how Mike has managed to get married, father two children and run a business without ending up burnt to a crisp is a testament to Fireman Sam’s vigilance and eternal patience in my book.

This latest batch of adventures ticks all the right boxes for young kids, there’s mild peril, friendship, laughs and a bit of well done fire safety. I even learnt something useful myself about the combustable nature of compost heaps, which was good.

Fireman Sam Ready for Action is as good as Fireman Sam gets, it’s kept our 4 year old entertained as much as the previous volumes did when he was younger. There’s a sort of universal appeal (for children at least) in Fireman Sam and as they get older they take more/different things from it. All in all, worth a pop, with an RRP of £12.99 and a run time of 50 minutes (including the catchy theme tune you will find yourself tapping your foot along to), it’s out now.