Maternity clothes from Mamas and Papas

I remember when wifey was pregnant with the boy quite vividly. She’d been rather sporty in the lead up to getting pregnant but by and large that had to stop once she reached a certain point, and not just due to the growing bump, as she got very bad SPD which made even walking hard going at times.

I’d always been a bit ignorant of maternity wear, partly because we’d never had a baby before but mostly because I just vaguely assumed that maternity wear was just slightly larger clothing than normal stuff. The odd phrase like, “does this top make me look pregnant?” pre-pregnancy had probably helped foster this opinion.

Still once wifey started buying bona fide maternity clothes, including some of those Mamas & Papas maternity dresses like the one on the right, it was pretty evident that your shape changes once you reach a certain stage of pregnancy- larger clothes just don’t really work!

It’s remarkable how stylish modern maternity wear is and I must say that my wife felt very comfortable and feminine in her Mamsa & Papas maternity wear. In the lead up to the birth of our little boy the weather took a turn for the hot, and that’s a bit of a struggle when you’re eight and a half months pregnant. Maternity jeans (with elasticated sides) had been a mainstay of her pregnancy but slipping into a dress when it gets hot is the best relief for heat you can get when you’re carrying around a huge bump.

Why don’t you pop over to Mamas & Papas and have a rummage through their maternity clothes? It might be just the thing since the weathers taken a turn for the better!