Umi Shoes

If you want your children to wear something slightly different to the usual Clarks and Startrite shoes then Umi will shortly become one of your first ports of call. Fifi was given a pair to trial which from the moment she opened the box she really liked.

I have to admit they are the pinkest most girly shoes I have ever seen. In fact, we actually asked for a different pair, but they had sold out and so they sent us these. To be honest not my sort of thing but absolutely perfect for little girls. So perfect, that my mother pointed out that my own little sister would probably have murdered someone for them. Fifi now has a whole fan club of jealous little girl friends. Sigh. Girls!

In terms of size, I have to admit that although I measured her feet precisely using the tape measure from the website they are a little on the big side. They have come up a lot wider than I anticipated, even for Fifi’s fat little feet, so at the moment she is wearing them for special occassions until she grows a bit. Therein, lies lesson one, make sure that you measure feet very precisely and opt for smaller rather than larger if they come up half way.

Although Fifi has not worn her Umi shoes for several months, she does give them quite a challenge when she does wear shoes (she has been known to go through a pair in a month). So far, they have proved themselves robust enough to stand up to the challenge. They seem to be well made from good quality materials and are easily a match for equivalently priced brands.

If you want to have a look at the childrens range for yourself you can find them here