Britax Evolva 123 car seat

There are plenty of things that the Britax Evolva 123 car seat does really well. Obviously it has plenty of safety features and a good safety rating, but there are a lot of clever little features that make the Britax Evolva really easy to use. Unlike a lot of car seats, the shoulder strap adjustments are done via a clip on the back, there’s no need to unthreadle the straps every time your kid grows a couple of inches.

And to be fair they’ll be growing by more than a few inches during your ownership of the Britax Evolva 123, since it fits kids from around 9 months to 12 years. Whether it will be stained by car sick and leaky nappies beyond the point of no return before your kids reach twelve is another matter entirely though. Fortunately the cover is removable, washable and you can get replacements. Hurray for that.

The Evolva 123 has cupholders that swivel out on each side too, a handy feature if you move your car seat from left to right in a number of different cars. We often lend the mother in law our car seat when she has the boy for the day, so this extra bit of flexibility is useful: having rigid fixed holders on both sides tend to be wider and not as easy to anchor as a result.

The strap locking mechanism has a really useful audible clunk when y ou lock the harness in place, which is useful when restraining a small wiggly child, since you often only know whether they’re strapped in by the fact they stay in their seat. In one of our other car seats I’m forever getting our 2 year olds skirts and dresses caught in the catch, which means they wont do up. Fortunately I didn’t seem to have this problem due to the catch on the Evolva 123 being a better design.

Overall then, Britax seem to have covered most bases with this car seat and it gets the thumbs up from us.