Outlook shade-a-babe

Cheeky Rascals were kind enough to supply us withThe Outlook shade-a-babe for review and I must say it came at exactly the right time for the drought that pretended to be April. The weather was hot, sunny and very dry, which gave us the great opportunity to test a universal pushchair shade.

We have accumulated a wide range of pushchairs over the years so sought to try it out with a variety of different toddler transportation devices. We tried it with a McLaren Techno XT and a Phil and Teds Sport 3 wheeler.

The original shade-a-babe was launched in Australia and New Zealand in 1997, designed by a couple of mums who wanted to protect their own children from the harsh Australian climate. The shade-a-babe is the only multi-fitting sun and sleep shade that can be used from birth to 4 years. It’s designed to focus the highest levels of sun protection where it is needed most, helping to prevent long term sun damage to delicate eyes and skin. The UPF50+ sun visor blocks 99% of overhead UV rays and the dark, breathable solar-screen™ mesh gives further protection from low level UV rays, glare, insects and wind.

In practical terms we were able to fit it relatively easily to both our pushchairs, which given their different designs was pretty impressive. The easy zip access panel was actually an improvement on the offical Phil and Teds sun shade and proved invaluable when our two year old got the grump. We took it out and about around Legoland on Good Friday in the McLaren and up to Whipsnade over the long weekend in the Phil and Teds and found it versatile enough to work well with both.

The material seems sturdy, especially round the fastenings, which in turn means it should be pretty durable. This was our main worry, that a universal fit cover would suffer from stress weaknesses on some devices but we can genuinely say we didn’t find this a problem.

All in all, for £29.99, you can really go wrong with the Outlook Shade-a-babe.