Abeko and Nordic Tells waterproof dungarees from raindrops.co.uk

Raindrops.co.uk are one of the UK’s leading stockists of “proper” outdoor wear. They stock a range of Scandinavian waterproofs that let kids go bonkers outdoors without getting soaked to the skin. Raindrops.co.uk kindly volunteered to lend us a couple of pairs of Abeko waterproof dungarees to roadtest in the most extreme conditions- coastal Norfolk in the summer!

Our two kids are two (and a half) and four, and love playing outside in all weather. They do have all in ones but tend to struggle a bit in those in changeable weather conditions, they get too hot when the rain stops and they’re also awkward for toilet breaks. The Abeko dungarees really impressed us and the kids. They were durable, the stitching and particularly the clips were really sturdy. As you can see from the picture,  kids absolutely love to lark about in them. They don’t restrict movement in the slightest and also loose enough that the kids don’t overheat on a warm but rainy day.

Although we’ve returned the dungarees to Raindrops, we’re determined to order the next size up for the autumn. Our kids wear stuff hard but we really can’t fault us.

Abeko and Nordic Tells were founded in 1948 in Sweden, a land famous for it’s weather. They are one of the leading waterproofs manufacturer in Scandinavia and Europe and are totally focussed on creating reliable clothing for unreliable weather so that children can keep doing what they love the most – playing outdoors.