Quack Quack Moo Baby Products

I feel ever so guilty, you see we were sent a selection of Quack Quack Moo products and they were so good they sort of ended up being part of our everyday ‘stuff’ and I never got around to writing about them!

Quack Quack Moo  is a fab company that sells a whole range of organic, UK produced baby products. Perfect for the likes of us who are really keen on organic products and actually, when it arrived ,it was so beautifully packaged I thought it would make the ideal gift for any new mum! The quality of the products was absolutely second to none,  generally I think organic  cotton is pretty good, but this was exceptional. Given the price of the products I am amazed they can sell them at this quality for these prices.

The dribble bib we were sent is great as there is a little holder for the dummy built in, I cant understand why other people haven’t thought of this. Its alo well made and stylish, I thought I would keep it for the new baby we have on the way as a special treat. Another great idea was the Handle Holdie, its basically a strap which you can attach to your buggy so your child has something to hold onto when you are out and about. My kids love this and fight over it, they are far too cool to hold my hand!

My baby niece was gifted the hooded blanket which is a fab idea, basically a blanket with a little hood you can pop on or off. She found it great for the beach and at just £14.99 quite a bargain . It can be used from birth to swaddling but I think you will get loads more use out of this and I would suggest that you’ll find uses for it even with your toddler. I know mine were fighting with the baby to have a little cuddle in it.

As you can probably tell, we rapidly became big fans of Quack Quack Moo in this house, it’s great to find some non-high street products which are so innovative, stylish and unusual. Not only that, they are a great price, come beautifully packaged and the website is funky and easy to navigate. Normally I try to offer some criticism, this time I cant….