Penny the Postie in Penny and the Dragon by Keith Robinson

Penny the Dragon is the sort of charming children’s book I would have loved when I was a nipper. It’s ashamedly gentle and old fashioned in the best possible.

Penny and the Dragon is the second book in a series, telling the fantastical adventures of a Postie called Penny. Penny works in the Channel Islands, on Guernsey to the precise, delivering the mail. But sometimes she sees a magical postbox that transports her to all sorts of adventures. In the first book Penny was suddenly a pirate and here in the second book, she’s meeting a real life dragon! That covers the two best themes for kids in as many books.

The story is very well drawn, in a quaint style that really reminds me of books I read when I was little. As Penny wanders through the Enchanted forest encountering conker playing Trolls, rather miffed Fairies and a cowardly knight, our four year old lad was getting more and more excited about eventually meeting the dragon. And he wasn’t disappointed either.

In a market that’s saturated by licensed tie ins, or multi layered books aimed as much at adults as kids, this is unashamedly old fashioned and all the better for it. Thoroughly recommended.