Pathwords from Thinkfun


It says ‘Wordsearch meets Tetris and gets Extreme’ so, being a bit of a puzzle nut, how could I resist. When I saw Pathwords I asked the lovely team at Ravensburger if I could have one to try out and review. This was a purely selfish move as the recommended age range is 12+ and my two are just about 7 and 4! Anyhow, they sent me one and it has sat in the box patiently waiting for me to find the time…………..You know how it is!

So finally, I put all else aside to try Pathwords out. It’s a really simple idea – find the words in the grid using only the shapes given. Each shape must cover a complete word and there can be no gaps. There is a lovely video on the Thinkfun website, which shows how it works. The gameboard comes with puzzle pieces, a challenge book and a hints booklet. There are 40 challenges, from beginner to expert which should keep any puzzle fiend busy for a while. I’ve got to Intermediate level – it’s very absorbing and beautifully silent!

Pathwords is very neat, all the bits store inside the gameboard when not in use, and it’s not too big to leave out while you ponder. The answer book has three levels of hints before giving out the complete solution, so it’s never all or nothing. I think Pathwords would make a great Christmas present for families with older children (I think most 10 year olds would succeed with the beginners level) or anyone who likes word games and puzzles. Pathwords is just that little bit different.
Pathwords is available from various online retailers including Amazon.

I did it!